Christmas Mini Sessions

Saturday 23rd November & Sunday 1st December 2019


Are you like me?


Each and every year I take my kids in to the shops for their yearly Santa photos. I've been in them, I've held a crying toddler, I have coaxed and encouraged my kids to get in on it. Because it's our yearly tradition and I like seeing them grow in the photos.

We get the kids dressed up, take them in, stand in a line for ages while the kids get nervous or bored. We FINALLY get to the front of the line. Our turn to visit Santa. And then we get about 3 minutes.

No time for the kids to marvel over him. No time for the kids to actually tell Santa what they would like for Christmas. No time for the kids to get used to this strange looking guy standing in front of them. And then the kids are sat on his lap and we get one photo. One shot to get all of the kids looking good.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE these photos, but each year I walk away hoping for something more. More of an experience for my kids rather than just a photo.

And so came Santa Mini Sessions

  • Your chance to have a time booked.

  • A designated 20 minutes time slot just for you and your family.

  • No more waiting and less rushing.

  • Photos of your kids pre Santa (just in case they are not a fan of him).

  • A chance to them get time with Santa. A chance to look at him. Talk with him. Play with him. Ask him for what they would like for Christmas and then photos of them with Santa. An EXPERIENCE.