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About me, Tamra.

Hello, I’m Tamra - Three Wishes Photography

When you have to sit down and think about how to describe yourself, to introduce yourself to someone else… how do you start? For me…. the first thing I say is that I am a mum.

It’s my number one job in life.

A mum to three gorgeous, crazy, noisy, chaotic, funny, sweet little kiddos aged six and under. I’m a wife to a spunky guy who is my biggest cheer squad and my biggest support.

I am a (massive) lover of coffee and a chocolate addict. I am a traveller at heart but after years living overseas and travelling the world have put this on hold for a little while to grow my little family. I’m a try hard runner and strongly believe that good music MUST be listened to up loud.

I am a loyal friend, could watch Netflix for hours on end and love the beach… especially in winter when the storm clouds roll in and you’re the only one around.. it’s my quiet place.

My photography style is relaxed. It has been described as real, candid and full of emotion. For me, the perfect shot is real and honest. A real moment, a real relationship, a real connection… nothing manufactured or posed (unless it’s newborns… then there is a bit of posing).  

As a mum, the shots I would love of me and my kids are the tickles, the cuddles, the snuggles, the quite little moments that go unnoticed that one day I’ll miss.

For me, these are the memories I want, these are the pictures I want to hang on my wall, so these are the shots that I want you to walk away with, this is my goal for each and every family I meet.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love some good eye contact, I love an amazing smile, but I don’t love the ‘cheese’ face and try to avoid that as much as possible.

One of my favourite things about being able to take photographs of lots of beautiful families is meeting so many lovely new people.

Getting a little snippet into their worlds, getting to know them and walking away feeling like I’ve made a new bunch of besties. I LOVE it and I truly am amazingly fortunate to be able to call something I love so much my ‘job’.

So that’s a little bit about me… would love to learn a little bit about you and your family!